The first time Katherine was sent to prison, she was 33 and a drug addict. With her fourth felony conviction, she was sent to maximum security. Katherine says “I told myself, ‘I’m coming out of this place with something I didn’t have when I came in,’” She went to leadership programs and Bible studies. She took online college and Skills Center courses. She wanted to help herself and to be an example to the other women. After prison she came to City Care’s Pershing Center where she lived for 2 years. Now she has a good job, a car and a duplex in Westlawn Gardens and is rebuilding family relationships.


David was chronically homeless and an alcoholic when we first met him. He came to our Day Shelter with no form of identification. He also suffered from chronic health problems and major problems with his memory, he could not even remember his birthday when asked on the spot. After piecing together his story with help from advocates at the Day Shelter, David was finally able to receive new forms of identification and walked him through getting SSI and helped navigate him into housing.


When Kesia came to our shelter she was sleeping under a bridge at night. She had severe paranoia and trouble trusting others. After confiding in our advocates at the Day Shelter and working through her issues, Kesia was finally ready to take the next steps needed to better her situation. With the help of the Salvation Army and Red Rock, she now has an apartment through the Journey Home OKC program. Kesia is also working on becoming a Peer Support Specialist through the Department of Mental Health so she can now help others the way they have helped her.


Cheyenne had been coming to our shelter for meals every day for a year before she started using our employment services. After a lot of encouragement, Cheyenne finally let us create a resume and push her to start searching for a job. Through that process we found that Cheyenne had some legal issues she needed to take care of, which were resolved with the help of our advocates and legal aid on site. She is now fully employed at the Taco Bell just a few streets over from where she started!

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